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Do you require a professional customs border service?

Are you importing your goods from EU to UK and need a company that will quickly and efficiently provide you with customs clearance?

Do you want to export your goods to EU countries? Are you interested in transit service? 

We can help you with all of that.

AZ Customs Services Ltd - customs clearance independent agent who's goal is to deliver friendly, professional and customised service to each of its clients.

We are based in Dover, town of Europe’s busiest ferry port, vital international gateway for the movement of passengers and trade, cargo terminal and award-winning cruise port & marina.

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Services we offer

Route Planning
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Export clearance to EU

We cover all major UK Ro-Ro ports and offer quick export clearance including transit. Commercial freight and private shipments including household removals

Moving back from UK to Poland? 

Find out what to do step by step to declare your personal belongings when leaving UK.

C88 import clearance from the EU

We can create and submit UK Import Declarations to HMRC on your behalf.
We can calculate and process Duty Payments on your behalf and offer advice on VAT, giving you a clear picture of import and export costs.

Transit clearance to the EU (export)

We can create T1 transit documents, allowing your goods to move freely within the EU

Find out what documents are needed for customs clearance.

Customs clearance agent UK

AZ Customs Services Ltd handle all UK Customs border declarations on behalf of importers and exporters.  All the process is done electronically so there is  no need for the driver to come to our office.  We guarantee we will get your goods through customs quickly and without unnecessary complications.

Customs Clearance Agent UK

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What is changing from 2022?

From January 2022, import declarations will have to be ready before entering the UK. In case this is not done, the vehicles with the goods will be held at the border until all formalities are completed.

It is important that declarations are filled and checked thoroughly and in accordance with all the regulations. Delays in clearing Customs mean wasted time, money and extra stress. Hiring AZ Customs Services Ltd to carry out your UK Customs clearance will help you avoid both the extra costs and the stress.

Customs Clearance Agent UK

What makes us special

AZ Customs Services LTD provides quick response time and high quality of service. Ensuring no costly delays for our customers caused by a delayed customs clearance.

Each shipment is urgent to us and no customer is too small.  We can help anyone who needs customs clearance in UK.

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Customs Clearance Agent UK

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