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Export clearance to EU

We cover all major UK Ro-Ro ports and offer quick export clearance including transit. Commercial freight and private shipments including household removals

Moving back from UK to Poland? 

Find out what to do step by step to declare your personal belongings when leaving UK.

C88 import clearance from the EU

We can create and submit UK Import Declarations to HMRC on your behalf.
We can calculate and process Duty Payments on your behalf and offer advice on VAT, giving you a clear picture of import and export costs.

Find out what documents are needed for your customs clearance.

Transit clearance to the EU (export)

We can create T1 transit documents, allowing your goods to move freely within the EU

Portbase system

Ports in Netherlands act as the external border of the European Union, which means that, after clearance  freight can travel freely through the EU member states. Customs is responsible for releasing freight that arrives or leaves Europe via Netherlands.

AZ Customs Services Ltd has access to Portbase’s Notification Import Documentation and Notification Export Documentation. With this application, all customs documents for Import and Export can easily be pre-notified at ferry terminals.  This is a crucial part in order to be able to transport quickly to and from UK after BREXIT via any port in NL.

If you need to send notification to PORTBASE system contact us for more details and prices.

Call us or email.

Brexit and export to EU

From 1 January 2021, you need to make customs declarations when exporting goods to the EU. 

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